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Cutting Genealogy
The Cutting Family Tree in Canada. This is Jerry's family that came to Canada about 1855 from Kent England.
The personal information on those "Cuttings" now living is eliminated from this web site and there are no names for children under 18 years of age.
In the process of doing his family's research, Jerry has collected information on other Cutting families who lived in Ontario.
Special thanks to Margaret (Cutting) Cotter [Jerry's sister] for her help in getting the family stories and her research.
A surname index can be found here
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Other Cutting families in Ontario Canada Can't find your Cutting family in our tree? Jerry has some other Cuttings so email him

Merriam Family Tree
This is Kit's family tree. It is a link to the Merriam web site. It is a collaboration of genealogist who are searching the Merriam families in Canada and the USA.
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The Sudden Family of Grey Co. Ontario

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